Where can you buy E-cigarettes?

Vaping is one of the most popular alternatives to smoking that Canadians partake in. However, unlike cigarettes it can sometimes be unclear where to buy e-cigarettes. While the regulations can differ between provinces and territories, generally these are the three places you can find vapes to purchase if you are interested:

Vape retailers + convenient stores

In store vape retailers are a great solution for anyone new to vaping or curious about the different types of vaping devices and brands on the market! Vape stores can be found in most major cities and suburbs across the country, so they also provide a quick and convenient option for purchasing e-cigarettes.

Because these retailers and convenient stores carry a wide variety of vape brands, employees can help answer any questions you might have about vaping and recommend the correct product for you. If you’re a veteran vaper they can also let you know about the latest brand releases and recommend a new brand or flavour that you may enjoy!

The Allo store locator is a great tool to locate vape stores in your area.

Online Vape Retailers

Similar to in-store retailers, there are many Canadian based online stores that sell e-cigarettes and vaping accessories. If you live in a province or territory that permits the delivery of nicotine products, this can be another great option to shop across many vape brands without ever having to leave the house.

From your favourite vape brand

If you are already loyal to a vape brand, then there’s a chance you can purchase your favourite e-cigarettes directly from that company. Many brands have their own online stores and some even have retail flagship stores that you can visit in person. A brand’s website can be a great resource to learn more about their products, initiatives and the latest launches or promotions. Search for your favourite brand to find out if they have an online store.

Where to buy Allo vapes

If you are interested in trying Allo’s disposable or closed-pod vape devices there are a number of ways to purchase in Canada. If you prefer to shop at a local Allo retailer, you can find the nearest vape store through the Allo store locator. Allo vapes can also be purchased through many online vape retailers. For users in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan Allo e-cigarettes are available for delivery through Allo.ca.

The guidelines for nicotine and e-cigarette sales vary between the provinces and territories. Check local regulations to determine the best options for you.

WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Health Canada