What Vape Should I Get?

If you are new to vaping, you may wonder what vape should I get?

Vapes come in a variety of types with various features. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and a decision between closed devices and open devices. Here’s a rundown on the pros and cons of each.

Closed Devices

Closed-pod systems

Closed-pod vaping systems consist of a vaping device which holds the rechargeable battery and disposable “pods.” The pods contain the tank, coil, and e-liquid. Compared to an open system, closed-pod vapes are easy to use and cause no mess as they do not require the coil to be replaced or the e-liquid tank to be manually refilled. The tanks inside most pods are smaller than those in an open system, meaning you can switch between different pods and flavours as you wish. Most pod brands come in a wide variety of flavour profiles. When the pod is empty, you simply throw away the old pod and reattach another. Pod devices are not known to have shortages with the battery, as the temperature remains constant.

Closed-pod systems Pros:
- Can switch flavours as desired
- Easier to use than open devices and no mess
- Device is re-usable and rechargeable
- Sleek, discreet device shape
- Typically, a better value than closed disposable systems

Closed-pod systems Cons:
- Requires recharging
- Typically, less e-liquid than a disposable or open device

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Closed disposable systems

Closed disposable systems function in a very similar way as pod devices. Think of a closed-pod device with a built-in pod and typically no rechargeable battery. The tank, e-liquid, coil, and battery are all housed within one disposable device. These devices do not require a charging cord but instead can be H2recycled or disposed of once the e-liquid has run out. Some devices with larger puff counts do require recharging but still retain the disposable functionality; once the e-liquid is depleted, the entire device is disposed of.

Closed disposable systems Pros:
- Very simple to use with no mess
- No charging required (in most cases)
- Sleek, discreet device shape

Closed disposable systems Cons:
- One time use
- Can be more costly over time compared to closed-pod devices

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Open Devices

Stick Devices

Stick devices allow for a little more variation. Stick devices have a battery, tank, and coil. They are for vapers who are knowledgeable about types of coils and e-liquids and how to replace coils and refill the e-liquid tank. Typically, coils are replaced when flavour quality noticeably decreases or when changing e-liquid flavours. Users can refill the tank with any liquid of their choosing, and there are many e-liquids on the market that vary in nicotine content and flavour profile. For more information on types of e-liquid, check out our blog post: What is in Vape Juice? Packs of 3 or 5 coils start at around $10, and e-liquid can range from $10-25 per flavour. The higher cost and more complicated process are usually why a pod-based device or closed disposable is the first choice for vaping novices.

Open Devices Pros:
- Allows for more variation in flavour and e-liquid content than a closed system
- Device is re-usable and rechargeable
- Sleek, discreet device shape.
- Can be more affordable than closed systems in the long run

Open Devices Cons:
- More mess
- More work is required to use

Vape Mods

(Temperature controlled, variable voltage, and variable wattage devices) These devices require more power to heat the coil and typically come with a mod, which contains the battery for the device and a separate tank and coil. These features make the device much larger, and some users may find it less natural to hold in their hand. This type of device is for a more experienced vaper knowledgeable about the type of coil and e-liquid needed and how to replace coils and e-liquid. It is also helpful to understand what temperature, voltage, or wattage is optimal for the e-liquid and coil that are being used. These types of devices may have the battery built-in or removable batteries. You should know that there have been cases of temperature-controlled devices catching on fire. These incidents usually occur when the batteries are not stored safely and ignite each other.

Vape Mod Pros:
- Ultimate customization for the user’s preferred vaping experience
- Allows for more variation in flavour and e-liquid content than a closed system
- Device is re-usable and rechargeable
- Can be more affordable than closed systems in the long run

Open Devices Cons:
- Typically, a larger and bulkier device
- Requires more knowledge and proper care to use correctly and safety
- Requires more of an initial investment than closed systems
- More mess
- More work is required to use

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Reach out to Allo for more information if you’re still wondering which vape should I get? You can also learn more about vaping devices by reading other informative articles on our website.

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