How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last? | Allo Canada

A commonly asked question for users that are new to disposable vapes is how long will one vape last? If you have been accustomed to purchasing packs of cigarettes or bottles of e-liquid, then you know exactly how frequently to repurchase these items. But disposable vapes can be confusing for a new user.

The lifespan of a disposable vape is dependent on a few things:

- the amount of e-liquid and its viscosity- the device’s coil type of coil resistance- the airflow allowance in the device and- how you use your vape on a day-to-day basis

Allo (and many other vape brands) measure vape life by puff count. This is based on rigorous puff count testing that is conducted on various e-liquid capacities and devices. To give you an idea of how many puffs you can get on a device you can look at Allo’s puff count breakdown:

Allo Ultra 500 disposable
E-liquid capacity: 2.0 mL
Puff count: Up to 500 puffs

Allo Ultra 800 disposable
E-liquid capacity: 3.8 mL
Puff count: Up to 800 puffs

Allo Ultra 1600 disposable
E-liquid capacity: 6.8 mL
Puff count: Up to 1600

Allo Ultra 2500 disposable
E-liquid capacity: 8 mL
Puff count: Up to 2500

However, this is not an exact number. To better understand why the number of puffs can vary from user to user and even across different vaping devices, think of the e-liquid as an amount of water that you’re trying to drink. For some it might take less sips to finish the water because they take large gulps, while someone could take very tiny sips and take much longer to finish the same amount.

This applies to the way people inhale on their vapes as well, one person’s puff could be much longer than another’s. Also think of the vaping device as the straw in your glass of water, it would take less puffs to finish the glass if your straw was bigger and allowed for more flow versus a very tiny straw. Each brand customizes the airflow that passes through their device to give a unique experience, if there is more airflow it would be easier to inhale more e-liquid with one puff than with a device with more resistance.

If you happen to have an idea of how many puffs you think you will use per day, then it should be pretty simple to figure out which device is best suited for your needs. However, that can be difficult to keep track of. If you are a casual smoker/vaper you might find a smaller puff count, such as the Ultra 500 or Ultra 800 is enough for you. If you are a heavy user then a larger device like the Ultra 1600 or Ultra 2500 would be a better value and eliminate the need to buy multiple devices at once.

If you begin with a smaller device such as the Ultra 500 or Ultra 800 you will quickly understand how long that device lasts you, then you can make the jump to a larger device knowing that the Ultra 1600 or Ultra 2500 will last you somewhere around 3-5 times longer.