What Device Should I Use?

What is the Difference?

Vaping is a trend that has become more prevalent as individuals want to quit smoking cigarettes. There are multiple types of devices, from simple devices such as disposables and pods, to more complex devices, such as stick devices and variable voltage devices. Regardless of the type of device, they all have a battery, tank, and coil.

Disposables function in a similar way as pod devices. The E-liquid in the disposable is held in a pod and cannot be refilled and is heated and vaporized using a coil system. Disposables are also powered by a non-rechargeable battery and often utilize a draw activation system.     

Pod systems contain the battery and a “pod,” which contains the tank, coil, and e-liquid. These are typically used by individuals that are switching from cigarettes to vaping. They are easy to use and you don’t have to worry about replacing the coil and manually refilling your tank. Most pod devices have a few different flavors that you can rotate between. When the pod is empty, you simply throw away the old pod and reattach another. Pod devices are not known to have shortages with the battery, as the temperature remains constant.


Complex Devices

Stick devices allow for a little more variation. Stick devices have a battery, tank, and coil. They are for vapers that are knowledgeable the type of coil and e-liquid needed, as well as how to replace coils and e-liquid. You refill the tank with an e-liquid of your choice and replace the coils when the flavor starts to decrease. E-liquid can be purchased in a variety of flavors; however, the coil should be changed with each flavor change in order to not mix the flavors. For more information on types of e-liquid, check out our blog post. Packs of 3 or 5 coils start at around $10 and e-liquid can range from $10-25 per flavor. It can be an expensive habit, which is why pod devices are more popular for someone that is wanting to try vaping for the first time.

Temperature controlled (TC), variable voltage (VV), and variable wattage (VW) devices require more power to heat the coil and typically come with the mod, which contains the battery for the device, and a separate tank and coil. This type of device is for a more experienced vaper that is knowledgeable about the type of coil and e-liquid needed, how to replace coils and e-liquid, and what temperature, voltage, or wattage that is optimal for the e-liquid and coil that are being used. These types of devices may have the battery built in or removable batteries. There have been cases of temperature-controlled device catching on fire. This usually happens when the batteries are not stored safely and ignite each other.


So what should I use?

All of these devices can help you ease the transition from cigarettes to vaping; however, pods and disposables are recommended for beginners or for individuals that want an experience similar to smoking a cigarette. If you are trying vaping for the first time, Allo is a great choice for you.