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An Update from Health Canada on Vaping to Quit Smoking


As valued Allo customers, we want to ensure you are always updated with the latest Health Canada Information regarding vaping. 

On January 20, 2023, Health Canada released the following update on vaping to help quit cigarettes:

“Switching to vaping nicotine is less harmful than continuing to smoke cigarettes. While vaping has risks, evidence also suggests that vaping can help adults quit smoking.” 
- Health Canada & PHAC
Source: @GovCANHealth, Official Twitter


This update is in line with Health Canada’s official stance on quitting cigarettes:


“Vaping products (or e-cigarettes) are currently regulated for health and safety as consumer products. To date, none have been approved in Canada as therapeutic products for smoking cessation. While vaping has its risks, these products may reduce health risks for people who smoke who can’t or don’t want to quit using nicotine as they deliver nicotine in a less harmful way than smoking cigarettes. Studies suggest that vaping nicotine may be more effective for smoking cessation than NRT or counselling alone.”
- Health Canada 

Source: Quitting Smoking: How to Quit, Health Canada


Whether you’re working on your New Year’s resolution or thinking about quitting smoking for the first time (it’s never too late to start!), vaping nicotine could be a less harmful option for you.


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Allo Canada does not make any claims or promotions as it relates to the statements made by Health Canada. When starting your smoking cessation journey, always talk to your physician to see what’s right for you and your health.