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Never Get Caught Without Your Allo

Sign up to receive any of your favourite Allo devices on a monthly basis at a 20% discount! You’ll never have to think about stocking up on your favourite flavours. Each month your chosen products will show up at your door.


Visit any Allo product page, select ‘purchase on subscription’ instead of ‘add to cart’. Once you have at least 3 items in your cart on subscription you can checkout and your subscription will be set up. The first box will ship after your order is placed and then every 30 days following.  

At any time you can view your subscription, billing history, and skip any upcoming deliveries by clicking ‘View Subscriptions’ on the Allo log in page.  


Allo Canada

Save 20% on every box

Allo Canada

Never run out of your favourite allo products again

Allo Canada

Easy to skip a month at any time or cancel for free with no hassle

Allo Canada

Substitute your subscription items with new flavours whenever you feel like switching it up

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of items needed to create a subscription box?
Yes, in order to start a subscription box you must order a minimum of 3 items. This can be 3 of the same product or a combination of any eligible products.
How do I skip this month’s box?
Visit your subscription page here. Select the subscription you would like to alter and click “skip next delivery”. Your subscription delivery will resume for the next cycle unless you skip again. If your card has already been charged for the upcoming delivery you cannot skip.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Visit your subscription page here. Select the subscription you would like to cancel and click “cancel subscription”. There is no fee to cancel. If your card has been already charged for the upcoming delivery you will receive your last delivery and then your subscription will be cancelled.
How does billing work for subscriptions?
Every 30 days your card will be charged then your package will be sent out for delivery. Your payment information is stored securely. If you need to change your payment info, visit your subscription page here and visit the Payment Info tab to add or remove payment methods.
Can I change which items I receive in my subscription box?
Yes, at any time before you have been charged for your upcoming box you can substitute your existing products with new ones. However, you cannot remove or add items to your box. If you would like to remove or add any items we suggest cancelling your current subscription and creating a new one, or you can create multiple subscription boxes that will be billed separately.
Can I add one time purchases to my subscription box for this month?
Yes, visit your subscription page here. Browse the products available and add any products you would like to receive on your upcoming box. Please note these are one-time additional purchases and will not be reoccurring in every box. You will be charged the additional amount for your next box.

For full terms and conditions of the Allo subscription program, click here.